June Is Brown

Anisa Sanchez

Anisa Sanchez, a sophomore at Lincoln High School in San José, is the runner-up for the Reed Magazine: Issue 152 Emerging Writers Young Voices Contest. She says she hopes to become a better person and a better poet everyday.

Color is not just a sight

it often invites a feeling, a sense, a memory



for instance

a shiny brownish mud of grief.

or the red metal of the car accident

that took your brother’s life in the fourth grade



of the yellow muted variant

is the taste of blood

from the time I broke my arm in the meadow

I bit the inside of my cheek

and laid, tasting iron, looking at half-dried grass



with a bit of lilac

a bit of blue

helps you recall the color of the sky when I told you

I would leave to a new school and home and day-to-day

but that you must remain

collecting colors