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Bird Bath

William Rumelhart

William Rumelhart is a poet and senior at Palo Alto High School. As editor-in-chief of his school literary magazine and co-president of his school creative writing club, he strives to create a space for students to share writing with others. His work has appeared in Scribere Magazine and Coe Review.

a shy sparrow alights 

upon my garden wall, 


limp and weary 

in the afternoon heat.  


head cocked, he listens 

for that familiar gurgling, 


but all is quiet. 


he scours the garden 

for that basin of refuge, 


but all is dry. 


in time, the gaping absence 

overwhelms; he withdraws 


into himself, turns, staggers 

across the wall and out of sight. 


alone by the window, 

i await his return 


until i too 

succumb to absence.

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