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Reed Magazine, Issue 156

Reed Magazine, Issue 156

Order your copy of Reed Magazine, Issue 156 today for delivery in late Spring 2023.


Reed Magazine, Issue 156 explores a wide range of themes such as immigration, the intersection of identity and society, familial relationships, the natural world, and religion captured in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art. In the Edwin Markham Prize for Poetry winner “the children turn themselves into ice,” Linda Ravenswood juxtaposes ice and desert as she explores the perils faced by migrant children.  Elsa Wilson-Cruz’s “Pipa” won the John Steinbeck Award for Fiction; “Pipa” is a moving story about immigration, translation, and the bold properties of love in joy, trauma, and the human experience. And Robert Isaacs’s “Growing up Godless,” the winner of the Gabriele Rico Challenge for Nonfiction, explores the complexity of a person’s relationship with religion. The art in Issue 156 depicts nature, humanity, and the supernatural like in “The Anatomical Venus” by Hana Lock, winner of the Mary Blair Award for Art. “A Soldier, Burning Four Olds” by Samantha Hsiung, the winner of the Emerging Voices Contest for high school students in Santa Clara County, captures the turbulence of Mao’s Cultural Revolution clashing against China’s old values which they sought to eradicate.

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